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Employing Staff and drafting contracts

Bullying and Harassment, including FWC bullying complaints

Workplace Investigations

Training and Education

Legal Representation in Dismissal, Adverse Action and Discrimination and Harassment Claims and OHS

Senior Executive Contract Negotiation and Drafting

Facilitated Discussions and Mediations of Disputes, Particularly Workplace Disputes



Betteridge Legal Consulting is an Employment and Occupational Health and Safety Legal Practice and Consultancy.  Joanna Betteridge is also an Accredited Mediator registered under the Mediation Act 1997.   Joanna consults and advises on all aspects of employment law, legal compliance and risk management.

Betteridge Legal Consulting represents employers and businesses in Courts, Commissions and Tribunals in matters such as FWC bullying complaints, OHS prosecutions and reviews, defence of unfair dismissal and adverse action applications and discrimination and sexual harassment claims.  Joanna advises senior executives in relation to negotiation of contracts and in relation to contract termination issues